Humans’ never ending quest in philosophy

What humans crave most is clearly connection and belonging. We are like fractures, fractions of unity, and suffer the feeling of being alone. The severed connection we feel missing is with the universe and other humans, it feels as excruciating pain we yet fail to name for what it is.

We end up hurting each other in a never ending spiral: fathers hurting sons becoming bad on their own; hatred leading to violence and suffering; racism, envy, verbal violence and exclusion. What is this for, if not mistaken and misdirected feeling?

Take the bible, cut off the bullshits and you’re left with only one message: love your neighbour. Philosophers never ending quest for understanding the meaning of life and how to find happiness, it happens it is a though quest. However, one thing is pretty clear: humans crave connection and yet the fail in acceptance and love.

Love yourself, then you can love others. Accept their difference and welcome them, then you will be welcomed. Bring this on global scale, and humans will satisfy the root of humans trauma: feel connected and feel better.

Let’s take this on planetary scale, now. Love animals, everything in nature and welcome and respect it like you’d do with your house, given that you started loving and respecting yourself first. Now the severed connection with the universe is healed, pain is gone, and that never-ending pain humans feel, especially in these new societies, dissolve.

Fractals are patterns occurring in different scales. So it is life. Humans are fractions and during life we crave unity, yet we fear death and rejoining what we’re part of. Embrace what we are. Dust is going to dust and our quest is one of acceptance and love.

Australian aborigines believes our species duty is to preserve the world, we are custodians. I believe for one we should start learning the simplest thing, common in all philosophy: love and acceptance.

We crave love and we express it wrongly out of trauma, mistreating others, failing in acceptance and love. Let’s start understanding the never ending quest of philosophy: accept and love your neighbours and you’ll feel connected. You can belong in difference.

Do you think it is easy? Take it one step further: do not treat other people the way you’d like to be treated, treat them the way they’d like to be.




Bleigh (Ind) è una maschera. Bleigh (collettivo) è una entità che promuove la libera esposizione di idee e arte e la collaborazione aperta tra creatori.

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Bleigh (Ind)

Bleigh (Ind)

Bleigh (Ind) è una maschera. Bleigh (collettivo) è una entità che promuove la libera esposizione di idee e arte e la collaborazione aperta tra creatori.

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